An innovative 'uncamp' option this summer for kids 8-11 years.

Designed with care by Molly Ames Baker, a professional outdoor educator with over 30 years experience.




When You're A Kid Every Day Can Be An Adventure!

Kids Ages 8-11 Years

Discover Harbor Springs in a whole new way. We provide a foolproof format with flexible scheduling so you can make the fun!

Your Adventure Pack Makes It Easy To Explore:

1. Explore at your own pace and time with a parent, caregiver or

    somebody in your inner circle.


2. Go on a new Quest each day using your Map and Quest Card.

3. Get a Bonus Bag each day with activities for at-home adventuring!


4. Do all 5 daily Quests to earn a prize on Friday.​


Instead of traditional camp style with kids gthering in groups, Backyard Adventures uses an innovative alternative to minimize contact–self-scheduled, self-paced, and self-guided excursions. COVID-Smart practices are used at Basecamp when you come for Adventure Pack pick-up, check-ins (optional), and Friday's Trails End sharing and prize pick-up. See below for more details.


Why Is Backyard Adventures
Good For Kids ?

Backyard Adventures is a structured, but unscripted, way for kids to:


  • Explore their own yard, neighborhood and community

  • Learn about where they live

  • Get outside and use their sense of wonder 

  • Discover new things on their own

  • Develop independence and skills for everyday adventuring


Register For 1 or More Sessions!

FOR KIDS 8-11 YEARS    (3rd - 6th GRADERS)

Backyard Adventures are expertly designed by a professional outdoor educator as 5-day sessions. Each week brings new daily destinations and quests.
Space is limited and pre-registration is required.  No two sessions are the same!

Adventure A:  June 22-26

Adventure B:  July 6-10

Adventure C:  July 13-17

Adventure D:  August 3-7

Adventure E:  August 17-21

Fee: $75 per child per week

Receive a 10% discount for 2 or more sessions. Each week offers new destinations and daily Quests!

All You Need To Know

What's In My Adventure Pack and Bonus Bags?

Your Adventure Pack is a reusable drawstring bag that includes:

  • DAILY QUEST MAP AND QUEST CARD - each day you get a sealed envelope with a map and card to guide you.
  • SUPPLIES are included in each envelope to use for a hands-on activity each day.
  • PUNCHCARD–punch your card each day when your Quest is completed; bring your compass punchcard to Trails End on Friday at Basecamp to get your prize
  • MINI COMPASS - a 2" compass to help orient on your adventures
  • MINI JOURNAL and PENCIL–with ideas for capturing your adventures on paper
  • 5 SEALED ENVELOPES–one for each day containg what you need for the daily Quest (Quest map and Quest card plus supplies)
Your Bonus Bag is a paper bag that includes:
  • Card with instructions and more ideas
  • Supplies needed for your at-home adventure, which may be building, drawing or doing something
*Bonus bags will be labelled with your child's name and put in a foot-pedal bin at each daily destination. Kids simply push the pedal and pull out their own bag.

What Does The Fee Cover?

Fee: $75 per child per week; Receive a 10% discount for 2 or more sessions. Each week is different so you can register for multiple weeks. Here's what's included: • EXPERTLY DESIGNED WEEKLONG ADVENTURE QUEST For 8-11 year olds. No planning on your part–just show up and enjoy surefire fun and a shared experience with your child. Or send your child out to explore with somebody in your inner circle knowing they have what they need for a great adventure–a map and 1-2-3 Quest card.
• ADVENTURE PACK–drawstring bag with 5 sealed envelopes for daily Quests (including Quest card, map and needed supplies) plus a snack bar, compass punch card and mini journal • BONUS BAGS–after your Quest, grab your bag with at-home activties (including instructions, ideas and supplies) • TRAILS END prize to be collected on Friday at Basecamp • OPPORTUNITIES TO SHARE–optional check-ins at Basecamp; email a pic of your maps/creations for the online Gallery; put one of your creations on display at Basecamp

Is Backyard Adventures COVID-Smart?

Backyard Adventures is designed to minimize contact and support safe practices recommended by the CDC, State of MI and City of HS including sanitizing hands, staying 6 ft. from others and wearing a mask when social distancing is not possible. Please note these practices may shift as new guidelines are announced.

• Backyard Adventures is self-scheduled and self-paced: There is NOT a drop-off/pick-up or scheduled time for kids to gather together at the same place. • Kids do not enter stores//buildings during their daily Quests; Quests are outdoors. • When kids 'Find the Fish' on their daily Quest, they do not need to touch it. • The Clue Box used every day is contactless–slide your paper into the slot opening. • Spray sanitizer (green bottle) will be onsite at each daily destination next to the BYA bin. • To get your bonus bag, simply sanitize, step on the foot pedal and grab the bag with your name on it. If you see other kids at the daily Quest destination, please use safe practices: • Be kind • Stay more than 6 feet apart • Wear a mask if you cannot socially distance

Where Do I Go Adventuring?

Your daily Quest card and map will direct you to a new destination in the downtown Harbor Springs area each day. Every site is within walking/biking distance. The destinations are specially designed as a weeklong adventure all over town. Each week the destinations change, so you can do Backyard Adventures more than once. Even if you've been to the spots lots of times before, you will experience them in a whole new way using your Quest card and map! Destinations may include: City beach, Zorn Park, city docks, Marina Park, Jo Ford Park, Zoll St beach, Jean Jardine Park, Ottawa Stadium, Reynolds Fields, Kiwanis Park, Raunecker Preserve and more!

Week At A Glance

Receive an email reminder and watch LET'S GO! VIDEO

• Check-in at Basecamp* and pick up your ADVENTURE PACK!



Go on your DAILY QUESTS to different destinations in the downtown Harbor Springs area.
Self-scheduled, self-paced, self-guided. Everything you needis in your Adventure Pack.

• Grab your DAILY BONUS BAG for at-home adventuring.

• Optional: check-in at Basecamp to share your stories, maps, creations.


Come to TRAILS END at Basecamp* to share your adventures and get your prize. 

* Basecamp is located across from Pierson's. Walk-in, schedule a time, or do curbside, whichever works best for you.  Covid-Smart practices will be used. 

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Register Your Child

$75 Per Child; Receive 10% Discount for 2 or More Sessions

Your waiver MUST be completed and turned in
when you pick up  your Adventure Pack.


141 State Street

Harbor Springs, MI 49740




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